Velvet Scraps

Velvet Scraps
  1. Owed t' Don I.mp3


  2. Owed t' Don II..mp3


  3. Owed t' Don III..mp3


  4. Nitrogen.mp3


  5. About Escher I. Tower of Babel.mp3


  6. About Escher II. Phosphorescent Sea.mp3


  7. About Escher III. Dolphins.mp3


  8. Reclaiming Disturbed Areas.mp3


  9. Velvet Scraps I. Stroke.mp3


  10. Velvet Scraps II. Cut.mp3


  11. Velvet Scraps III. Fray.mp3


  12. Their There.mp3


  13. Rainy Morning.mp3


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Velvet Scraps is the avant-garde rock inspired second album by Tandem Duo. The tracks are a mix of precomposed marimba/violin duos, and original pieces by Sarah and Marilyn. The sound is alternately soft and warm, gritty and driving.

Tracks 1-3: Owed t'Don

Owed t'Don, by Oakland based composer Steve Adams, was originally written for Marimolin and was inspired by Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) who used marimba in his avant-garde rock/jazz fusion pieces.

Track 4: Nitrogen

Inspired by one of Sarah's treks up Mt. Princeton in Colorado, Nitrogen, by Sarah Off, recalls the intense and stark beauty of the rugged mountaintop terrain. The Name "Nitrogen" refers to the life-giving nitrogen released into the atmosphere during the many lightning storms that occur on these high peaks.

Tracks 5-7: About Escher

Written in 2015, About Escher by Mario Carro was a commissioned by Escher Duo (Alexandra Krivoborodov and Albero Román), to be premiered at the Tenerife Contemporary Music Festival. The music is suggested by the brilliant work of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher, specifically by the engravings and lithographs of his first season in Italy. It is articulated in three movements. The first, "Tower of Babel," is bright has an eminently rhythmic character. The second, "Phosphorescent Sea," is a static piece where tremolos on the marimba and the warm melody of the violin on the G string become important. The work ends with "Dolphins," in which both instruments seem to be merged into a fast race full of dynamism from a fast and repetitive material.

Track 8: Reclaiming Disturbed Areas

Reclaiming Disturbed Areas by Marilyn K. Clark Silva for solo marimba was inspired by a sign in Phoenix's Papago Park that describes the efforts to revitalize areas of the natural Sonoran desert that have been disturbed by human interaction. The piece uses mainly extended techniques - bowing, playing with fingers, dead strokes, one-handed rolls - almost exclusively, in an effort to mimic the sharp contrasts and stunning vistas of the desert terrain.

Tracks 9-11: Velvet Scraps

Velvet Scraps is taken from Tandem Duo's live-music score for Tempe Center for the Arts' production of the drama Some Velvet Morning by Neil LaBute. The music is improvised within strict structure on the main themes of the play's score: Velvet (female character), Fred (male character), and Truth. The play is a shocking drama of mounting tension and obsession, which is mirrored in the three movements of the piece. "Stroke" has a lush, continuous, velvety texture interwoven with dissonant tension. The second movement, "Cut," is driving and groovy, with a bass drum pushing the build and interaction of the themes. The last movement, "Fray," is a no-holds-barred, dissonant and gritty improvisation with the themes repeated obsessively, each time more gut-wrenching.

Track 12: Their There

Their There by Marilyn K. Clark Silva explores the differences in perspective that make up every interaction. The place that we inhabit at any given moment is "here" only to us, and "there" to everyone else. Without an acknowledgement of the differing viewpoints with which others view the world, discussion is difficult. Their There represents such a discussion, with the marimba played with bows and the violin played percussively through pizzicato.

Track 13: Rainy Morning

Rainy Morning by Kohei Kondo was written for Tandem Duo in 2016 in a single sitting when Kondo was inspired by a rainy morning in his studio in Japan.


Sarah Off - violin

Marilyn K. Clark Silva - marimba/percussion

Joe Millea - audio engineer/graphic design

Laynee Page - Cover Art

Release Date: June 16, 2017