Quotes and Reviews

Quotes and Reviews

"Tandem Duo are clever instrumentalists who will send vibrations through your body and soul with their entrancing melodies and no holds barred approach."

~ Sarah Saza Kent, EPIK Dance Co.

"Tandem Duo has a unique brand of stage presence; their persona compels audiences to witness their engaging and creative programs, filled with familiar and original qualities.  Their unique instrumentation fits well in traditional and unique venues and outreach opportunities, and they are busy enhancing communities with their gifts.  They gave me the gift of Kohei Kondo, and it will always be a special experience in my musical career.  Thank you, Tandem Duo."

~ Dr. Joseph Kluesener, DMA, Paradise Winds

“Marilyn and Sarah are each creative, smart and talented musicians in their own right. Join their musical forces together, and you get a unique, innovative, and nuanced collaboration- Tandem Duo!”

~ Jodie Weiss, Childsplay

"I have performed with Tandem duo several times and their professionalism and creativity are among the highest I know. If I could only perform on events organized and curated by Tandem, it would be a dream. They are professional, creative, and always come to the table with extraordinarily high performance quality."

~ Elizabeth Bayer, OME Artistic Director/Founder

"Tandem Duo are consummate professionals and intuitively talented artists. They listen and take initiative, support and lead. We worked together on a reading of "Dear Elizabeth" by Sarah Ruhl and the result elevated the project to a magical event. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

~ Brendy Jean Foley, The Bridge Initiative

"Every day in Arizona, the stunning performances were heard to the fullest. Tandem Duo's Marilyn Clark Silva and Sarah Off have played my music for years, and are the musicians who understand my music the best in the world."

~Kohei Kondo, Composer

"When I first learned of Tandem Duo I was intrigued but skeptical at the intimate mingling of two such apparently different sonic palettes then I heard them and later SAW Sarah and Marilyn play and was reminded that all music and sound has more in common with other sounds and kinds of music than it has differences. The magic of chamber music as always been shared intimacy and the willingness to, at times, surrender your own sound to a greater idea and Marilyn and Sarah have heads full of ideas. When the jumping off point for any collaboration is agreed upon by two talented and well trained musicians with an eye to entertain, engage and sometimes challenge an audience, great things can happen and Tandem Duo is doing great things!" 

~Sterling Beeaff - KBAQ

 "I've never seen two musicians interact so seamlessly. Whether they're playing a commission or their own music, their collaborative approach not only sets a new standard for duo playing but for chamber music in general."

~Dr. Joe Millea - Artist Coordinator MIM, Founding Member of Heartland Marimba Quartet