Dear Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth

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Tandem Duo's third album, Dear Elizabeth, is a poignant and personal expression of friendship and loss. The pieces, with the exception of one work by Kohei Kondo, are original Tandem Duo compositions interweaving themes and rhythmic structures with improvisation. The album as a whole describes different aspects of a long distance correspondence with a dear old friend, and is at the same time an homage to strong women of the past.

The first piece in three movements, "Dear Elizabeth," is a suite taken from Tandem Duo's original score for the play of the same name by Sarah Ruhl. The piece describes the long, sad, and lovely friendship and correspondence between poets Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Powell.

The second piece, "Calligraphy & Chocolate" is based around additive structures in the key of G Major. The first movement is bouncing and happy, and the second movement is smooth and lush, making ample use of the marimba's low register.

The third piece, "Three Sketches of the West Coast of Ireland," by composer Kohei Kondo was originally written for irish harp and describes a trip that he and his wife took many years ago.

The fourth piece, "Paperweight," is slow and melancholy, and describes the heavy sadness of missing someone for a very long time.

The fifth piece, "Hydroglyphs," is based on a theme that Marilyn wrote on an mbira. It loops and swirls with a hypnotic rolling theme. Hydroglyphs has a songlike, lullaby feel.

The sixth and final piece, "Pyroglyphs," is based on a groovy driving theme by Sarah and consists of four alternating solo sections in different styles, each progressively more fiery.




Compositions: Kohei Kondo, Sarah Off, Marilyn K. Clark Silva

Violin: Sarah Off

Marimba: Marilyn K. Clark Silva

Recording Engineer: Joe Millea

Graphic Design: Joe Millea

Album Design: Marilyn K. Clark Silva